Tesla announced plans to launch its self-driving network, and a report showed problems with battery production at Panasonic's battery-supply operations in Nevada. We took a close look at the Qiantu K50 electric sports car from Mullen. And our readers weigh in on which electric cars most interested them from last week's auto shows. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As he announced a new dedicated, third-gen self-driving chip in Tesla cars, CEO Elon Musk revealed plans for the Tesla Network, which could create a self-driving robo-taxi fleet.

Meanwhile, a new report based on statements from insiders, cites problems with battery production at the Gigafactory that the company jointly owns with Panasonic.

At the New York auto show, we sat down with Mullen Technologies to learn more about the company's efforts to import a new electric sports car from China, the Qiantu K50.

Our latest Twitter poll results look at which electric cars interested our readers most from last week's New York and Shanghai auto shows.

A video emerged showing a Tesla Model S in Shanghai that appeared to spontaneously combust while parked. No cause has been determined, but Tesla sent investigators.

Finally, Toyota and Kenworth showed off the first of their new production hydrogen fuel-cell semis that will haul freight from the ports of LA and Long Beach to inland parts of California. 


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