The promoter of racing's wackiest series wants to include EVs. A new report from the International Energy Agency shows greenhouse gas emissions set new records in 2018. And our latest Twitter poll shows which upcoming electric SUV our readers most want to buy. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Racing is meant to improve the breed. Usually, that breed is automotive technology. But maybe it can include the human culture as well. The wacky 24 Hours of LeMons series plans to include electric race cars, and it could help bridge the cultural divide between EV and internal combustion car fans.

Greenhouse gas emissions hit record levels in 2018, after falling in 2017, a new IEA report shows. Gains in renewable power generation were offset by overall increases in power demand.

Researchers at MIT, Stanford, and the Toyota Research Institute are using artificial intelligencebacked by a few hundred million data pointsto accurately predict battery life within the first few charge cycles.

Our latest Twitter results show overwhelming interest in the Tesla Model Y among our readers.

New reports from Europe suggest that Volvo's Chinese parent, Geely, may buy a 50 percent stake in Smart, Daimler's electric-car division.

Finally, Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers fans will be able to hail autonomous-vehicle rides to games in Drive.AI's self-driving vans.


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