Electric cars are showing up at races from mountaintops to drag strips to New York harbor.

The cars are quiet—and fast.

Yet the series don't seem to have taken race fans by storm.

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Two challenges stand out as reasons that electric racing hasn't yet captured the public's imagination. One is that a lot of fans have historically gone to the races to hear the roar of gas engines or to see flames spit from tailpipes.

The other is that people buy electric cars today mainly for environmental reasons, to save energy and reduce pollution. At its cleanest, racing expends a lot of energy that may not be strictly necessary.

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Yet racing is part of human nature, and quite a few electric-car fans enjoy it.

At its best, racing improves the breed and—so organizers hope—may raise the profile and spur sales of whatever car is racing, hopefully including electric cars.

With so many new venues cropping up for electric cars to race, we thought we'd ask our Twitter followers this week what type of electric car racing interests them most:

Formula E, perhaps the best known purely electric race series;

Electric drag racing;

Hillclimb events, such as Pikes Peak, where the Volkswagen ID R race car set a new record last month, or other less-popular types of racing;

Or, if our Twitter followers just aren't race fans.

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Click on over to our Twitter poll this week and let us know.

As always, remember that our Twitter polls are unscientific because of their low sample size and because our respondents are self-selected.