Our readers are nothing if not Tesla fans.

After Tesla introduced its more-affordable SUV, the Model Y, earlier this month, we revisited the question of which electric SUV on the market our readers would be most interested in buying.

It was one of the most popular polls we've posted in months, with over 2,700 responses, and the results were overwhelming: 81 percent of our readers would choose the Model Y.

Based on the Model 3, the Model Y is a relatively conventional electric SUV with about 290 to 300 miles of range in top trim, and is expected to start at about $40,000. It has conventional rear doors and will offer an optional, tiny, forward-facing third-row seat.

That formula seems to fit the bill for our readers. Some commenters have even suggested canceling their Model 3 orders and waiting for the Model Y, which is expected to roll out late next year.

Other choices in our Twitter poll included the Hyundai Kona Electric, Hyundai's newest offering, which is rated at 258 miles of range and has debuted to rave reviews, although so far it is only available in California and Oregon, and is slowly rolling out to other states. Hyundai only offers the Kona Electric in front-wheel-drive form, so whether it qualifies as an SUV depends on readers' perspectives. Only 8 percent of our readers, however, said they'd choose a Kona.

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The other choices included the Jaguar I-Pace, which is already on the market, and splits the difference in price between the $40,000 Tesla Model Y, and the nearly $100,000 Model X. With only 234 miles of estimated rangeand fewer in many real-world driving reports. The somewhat higher price was offset in our poll by the fact that it's widely available. The I-Pace, however, garnered only 5 percent of our readers' votes.

The final choice, the Audi e-tron quattro, is not quite available on the market (and neither is the Model Y), but is expected to be by mid-year, with a price just shy of $80,000 and a range not yet rated. It earned slightly more votes at 6 percent.

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Nothing but the Model Y broke out of single digits, however.

This poll may have had enough responses to create a scientific studyif only our respondents were randomly selected from a nationally representative sample. But our respondents are self-selected, and as the results show, they have a particular bent.