A second automaker has signed on to Amazon's Home Services charger installation program. We took a Chevrolet Bolt EV to the top of the Continental Divide to see how its range fares in mountain driving. A new UN climate report calls for optimism in tackling climate change. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers which electric SUV they would buy now that the Tesla Model Y is an option. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

To make charging installations easier, Kia joined Audi in pointing its plug-in carbuyers to Amazon to buy a home charger. The company's Amazon page lists three charger options, two of them wi-fi-enabled smart chargers, which Amazon will work with a local electrician to get installed. They will work with any of the company's plug-in cars, including its two upcoming new electrics.

Mountains could prove a big challenge for electric cars with short ranges, as driving uphill saps battery power much more quickly than level ground. To see how today's longer-range electrics fare, we took a 2019 Chevy Bolt over the Continental Divide and recorded its estimated remaining range at various points along the wayand, we made it back. 

Perhaps aiming to counter a series of especially dire climate reports through the fall, the latest UN climate report lays out a roadmap for how to make progress in limiting global warmingand encourages communities not to give up.

With specs, timing, and pricing on the table for the Tesla Model Y, our latest Twitter poll asks readers whether they'd rather wait for the Model Y to arrive late next year, or choose one of several other electric SUVs that will already be on the market by then.

Porsche released more teaser images of its upcoming electric Taycan, showing more similarity with the original Mission E concept than recent spy photos have.

Finally, the NHTSA wants to know what the public thinks of a proposal by GM to allow self-driving cars with no steering wheel or pedals to test on public roads in San Francisco


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