• Teaser for Porsche Taycan debuting in September 2019

    A second automaker has signed on to Amazon's Home Services charger installation program. We took a Chevrolet Bolt EV to the top of the Continental Divide to see how its range fares in mountain driving. A new UN climate report calls for optimism in tackling climate change. And our latest Twitter poll asks readers which electric SUV they would buy now that the Tesla Model Y is an option. All this and more on Green Car Reports. To make charging installations easier, Kia joined Audi in pointing its plug-in carbuyers to Amazon to buy a home charger. The company's Amazon page lists three charger...

  • 2019 Kia Niro EV
    Amazon hooks Kia owners up with easier home-charger installation

    Those just transitioning to an electric car, like the 2019 Kia Niro EV, face some potentially daunting decisions well beyond the vehicle itself—not just how they’re going to charge up the vehicle in their own garage or driveway, but how they’re going to charge it quickly enough...

  • Rivian R1T electric pickup concept
    Prime time: Amazon invests in electric-truck hopeful Rivian

    Rivian on Friday announced that Amazon will invest in the company, as it pushes ahead to bring its lineup of electric pickups and SUVs to market. Although the amount of Amazon’s investment wasn't disclosed, Rivian said that the Seattle-based technology, goods, and services giant led a $700...

  • Rivian R1S
    Rivian buzz, renewable-grid deep freeze, wireless charging deal: Today's Car News

    Tech giant Qualcomm sells its Halo wireless charging business to rival WiTricity. GM and Amazon could be in talks to invest in startup electric pickup-maker Rivian. A new computer model tests how a 100-percent renewable power grid would have held up to the recent polar vortex. And results of last...

  • Amazon patent for mobile drone electric car charging
    How to recharge an electric car in the middle of nowhere: Amazon drone?

    Amazon, once a humble bookseller, now dips its toes into numerous technology realms. Its next potential act? Perhaps it will be drones that can charge electric cars on the fly. The online retailer and technology company filed an application to patent a drone specifically built for electric-car...

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