The new Chevy Bolt EV was a long time coming, but interested buyers in some parts of Canada may have to wait longer.

Kent Wallace reported to us last week that Toronto-area dealerships were quoting shoppers an 8- to 12-month wait for the 238-mile electric car.

A GM spokeswoman in Canada confirmed the delay.

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"There is currently a waiting list for the Bolt EV in Canada. This is not uncommon with launch products, particularly such unique game changers like the Bolt EV. We have also seen an increase in demand for the popular Volt," Amanda Michalik said in a statement.

Wallace followed suit. Frustrated after being told he'd have to wait for up to a year for a new Bolt EV, Wallace said he purchased a new Volt instead.

"Frustrating experience. They need to have dealers and manufacturing on same page," he wrote.

Last year, Canadian buyers snapped up more than 2,100 Bolt EVs and more than 4,300 Volts north of the border. Roughly 20 Bolt EVs are currently available in Canada, equally spread among LT, 2LT, and Premier trim levels. 

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Provincial credits for the all-electric vehicle can trim thousands off the overall cost of the Bolt EV. Buyers in British Columbia can qualify for different rebates that can trim thousands, especially if the Bolt is replacing an older vehicle. Shoppers in Ontario and Quebec can cut the cost for a Bolt EV by nearly $10,000 CAD through those local tax credits.

Michalik didn't specify when Bolt EVs might become easier to find in Canada.