With Porsche promising ultra-fast charging for its Mission E electric car, Honda isn’t going to let the German automaker keeps its 15 minutes of charging fame.

Honda aims to develop cars that can grab enough juice from the grid for 240 kilometers (150 miles) of range in 15 minutes flat.

Fifteen-minute charge times are key to bringing electric vehicles on par with gasoline- and diesel-powered counterparts for longer trips.

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According to Nikkei Asian Review, Honda’s plan relies heavily on developing battery technology that can handle ultra-fast quick charging.

However, the industry's plan to roll out 350 kilowatt charging stations represents a major achievement in making electric vehicles more adept to longer trips.

Currently, most electric vehicles need about 30 minutes to charge their batteries to 80-percent capacity and they only have access to chargers pumping out 150 kilowatt.

Honda Urban EV Concept

Honda Urban EV Concept

Electric charging plans call for installing chargers capable of 350 kilowatts of output, which is key to making ultra-fast charging possible.

The higher-powered chargers would allow drivers a short break to grab something to eat and visit facilities while their vehicle is given 150+ miles of range.

Europe plans to have several thousand of the 350 kilowatt chargers in operation by 2020.

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The Porsche Mission E electric luxury sedan that launches in 2020 will leverage the same future 350-kilowatt chargers to get an 80-percent charge in 15 minutes.

That could provide 200 to 250 miles of range according to some analysts and even Porsche itself.

To prove the technology, Porsche installed a 350-kilowatt, 800-volt charging station at its Berlin-Adlershof branch office in July. The charger is powered by solar cells.

Earlier this year, Honda debuted two EV concepts—Urban EV and Sports EV—but the automaker didn't quote charge times for possible production versions.

The Honda Urban EV, meanwhile, will go into production in 2019 for sales in markets other than North America, where Honda likely sees it as too small to be popular.


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