Today, we've got an update on a Tesla poll from six months ago, a plug-in hybrid Jeep we didn't expect, more support for 15-minute electric-car fast charging, and a new word: pretertype. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

The UPS will use electric bikes for package delivery in Florida, as part of a local environmental and safety initiative.

A surprise from last week's Los Angeles auto show media days: a plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler will arrive in 2020.

Big Oil stalwart Exxon isn't scared of electric cars (but it has a fallback plan if they do end up being more important than it thinks).

In June, we polled Twitter followers on how many Tesla Model 3s would be delivered by December 31. We repeated the poll last week; what a difference six months made.

Porsche isn't the only company that thinks 15-minute fast charging is necessary; Honda is pursuing the technology too.

Want a rundown of everything that's new for Honda in 2018? We've got it.

Finally, your new word for the day is "pretertype," as in, before BMW builds a prototype, it builds a pretertype.


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