While the 2017 Tesla Model 3 electric car is now being delivered in small numbers to company friends and employees, not all the specifications, features, and details for the electric car are available.

Now more information has emerged, in the form of a pair of videos—one by a detailer and another of a delivery walkthrough—and a window sticker from a Model 3 Long Range version.

All three items were submitted separately to Green Car Reports by readers interested in sharing the information they'd gleaned about Tesla's eagerly awaited lower-priced battery-electric car.

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Posted on Friday, the video above features Joe Torbati of OCDetailing in Tesla's hometown of Fremont, California, giving what's effectively a walk-around of a customer's black Model 3.

Even better, Torbati has it parked next to a black Model S, allowing him to compare and contrast the smaller, lower-priced Model 3 to its older, larger, pricier sibling.

He highlights numerous features of the Model 3, from its sensors and front-trunk space, electronic door handles, and Aero wheel covers over alloy rims.

Frame from 2017 Tesla Model 3 first-look video by Joe Torbati of OCDetailing, Fremont, CA [YouTube]

Frame from 2017 Tesla Model 3 first-look video by Joe Torbati of OCDetailing, Fremont, CA [YouTube]

He also shows off its relatively expansive rear-seat room, and compares front and rear trunk space between the two Teslas.

Five and a half minutes in, he turns to the dashboard and shows off the storage space for front-seat riders.

Torbati is a cheerful and entertaining tour guide, and he weighs in on both features he likes and trim choices—the Aero wheel covers and glossy piano-black trim—he's not so fond of.

He notes that his shop will be doing full paint protection on the Model 3 in question because, as he wraps up: "Like any good Tesla, it came out of the factory with some defects that needed to be addressed."

The full video runs about eight and a half minutes.

The second video shows the delivery walkthrough provided by a company representative to the unnamed owner of what's described as the very first Tesla Model 3 delivered in Texas, a white Long Range version with a vehicle identification number ending in 0259.

The bulk of the footage comprises the rep showing the owner how to use the various control features on the central screen that substitutes for a dashboard.

He explains that this very early Model 3 doesn't yet include the ability to stream music via Bluetooth from a smartphone, and notes that because he hasn't yet seen a Model 3 manual, he's not sure about equalizer settings.

One other missing feature is an intermittent wiper setting.

Like the first, the video shows how the Model 3's door handles work: to get in, an owner presses the end of the handle, which pivots it out so it can be pulled. Inside, a simple button pops the door open electrically.

The second video runs eight and a half minutes as well.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range window sticker [photo: PaulRocket on Tesla Motors Club]

2017 Tesla Model 3 Long Range window sticker [photo: PaulRocket on Tesla Motors Club]

Finally, the window sticker was one of several photos taken during a tour of Tesla's assembly plant in Fremont, California, by the father of Tesla Motors Club member using the name PaulRocket.

During that tour, two weeks ago, he was able to inspect a 2017 Model 3 Long Range with a VIN ending in 313.

Its 15-inch touchscreen substitutes for a dashboard, and the car comes with onboard maps and navigation, the usual suite of connectivity features, and an FM-satellite radio, although no AM station capability.

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Its window sticker indicates that in addition to the $35,000 base price of a Model 3, it has the Long Range battery pack ($9,000) that gives it a 310-mile EPA range rating, Deep Blue Metallic paint ($1,000), and 19-inch alloy wheels ($1,500).

The car is also fitted with both the Enhanced Autopilot suite of seven cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and forward radar ($5,000) along with the software for future "Full Self-Driving Capability" ($3,000).

Including a mandatory $1,200 delivery fee—and consistent with Tesla's statement that it would prioritize delivery of fully-featured cars at the start of production—the bottom line of this specific car is $55,500.

[hat tips: George Betak, Doug Kerr, Brian Ro]


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