Today, an electric-car driver explains his decision to add solar panels to his house and runs through the math, we've got two stories on the future electric Mini Cooper, and the Trump administration plans another anti-environmental move. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

As it turns out, despite BMW's worries over the impact of Brexit, the electric Mini will be built in the Oxford plant where most other Minis are made.

The NHTSA will review future fuel-economy standards, and may roll back increases to freeze the 2021 standards through 2025.

The Tesla Model S is now back on top of the luxury sedan rankings from Consumer Reports, after the company finally restored automatic emergency braking features.

Future compact Mercedes cars will get even smaller engines in the endless quest to boost fuel efficiency.

One electric car turned into five, and now an EV driver explains why he added solar panels to the family house.

September's National Drive Electric Week will be bigger than ever, and there's plenty of time left to sign up to take part in the 9-day event.

Britain will join a number of European countries in banning sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040. "No fossil fuels, please: we're British!"

Finally, back to the topic of our first story: the new electric Mini is officially confirmed for a 2019 launch. Right around the corner, hmmmm?


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