The White House's energy week may have been low on renewable and zero emission technology, but National Drive Electric Week is poised to make up for it.

Each year, Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association, and the Sierra Club join forces to implement one week of electric car events, parades, and education.

This year, National Drive Electric Week is expected to be the largest yet.

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A record number of cities have announced events across the world as part of Drive Electric week.

From local cities in Hawaii, to Croatia, to Australia, there are more than 175 registered events planned for the week-long event, which takes place September 9-17.

Last year, a total of 235 events took place globally with over 7,500 electric car test drives and 120,000 attendees.

2016 Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt EV at Drive Electric Week event, Los Angeles [photo: Zan Dubin Scott]

2016 Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt EV at Drive Electric Week event, Los Angeles [photo: Zan Dubin Scott]

The goal of the event is to showcase how far electric vehicle technology has come; electric cars can be less expensive to own, more fun to drive, and are much more efficent than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Nissan and its Leaf electric car have provided exclusive automotive sponsorship support since 2013, while ClipperCreek and the California Air Resources Board are also national sponsors.

However, multiple automakers and local dealers plan to attend in an effort to show off the latest electric cars and their associated technology.

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While the three organizations spearhead the movement, most events are coordinated by local volunteers and the event's associated activities vary.

An event in Lousiville, Kentucky, will feature an electric vehicle movie night; Durham, New Hampshire, will put on its event in conjunction with its "Durham Day" celebrations; Honolulu, Hawaii, plans for an electric car caravan.

National Drive Electric Week 2016: Carmel, IN [photo: Robert Lehman]

National Drive Electric Week 2016: Carmel, IN [photo: Robert Lehman]

Plug In America has also taken its education efforts straight to the U.S. Federal Government, too.

The advocacy group visited every senator's office to reiterate the importance of electric cars and focused on securing future policies to support the budding electric car market.

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There is still plenty of time to join the Drive Electric week festivities; the event is still open to volunteers and anyone can launch their own event.

The week-long event is just one way groups and individuals continue to advocate for a zero-emission future, but the more owners volunteer their time, the more a success story will be penned.

For information on local events and more details, visit the National Drive Electric Week website.


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