Now that the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt EV is arriving in more dealers each month, anticipation fever has turned to the Tesla Model 3.

(There's a new generation of the Nissan Leaf coming too, but so far not a lot of people seem to be focusing on that.)

The Silicon Valley carmaker's Model 3 electric sedan is promised to start at $35,000 and to go into production before the end of this year.

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We already know that a previous survey showed our Twitter followers think it's more likely the Model 3 will actually arrive in the first half of next year. We'll see about that one.

But we were also curious to know what the price range of a Model 3 might be.

We asked on Twitter what the price of a fully-loaded Tesla Model 3 would run to—and the answers span a broad range.

Roughly one third of respondents (32 percent) said the top-of-the-line Model 3 would run $55,000 or less.

Another 22 percent said $55,000 to $65,000, but then 31 percent more said $65,000 to $75,000.

And 15 percent said the most expensive possible Model 3 would carry a sticker price of more than $75,000.

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We did the survey this way to compare it to the results achieved in a similar poll on the Tesla Model 3 Owners group on Facebook (membership required).

That survey resulted in many more of a larger pool of respondents (almost 800 at the time this article was published) suggesting that the price of the top Model 3 would be high.

The under-$55,000 choice garnered only 11 percent of the Owners Group total, versus our 32 percent among Green Car Reports followers.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The $55K-to-$65K range was chosen by 41 percent of "owners," versus our 22 percent, and was by far the most popular choice of the Facebook group respondents.

The next bracket up, $65K to $75K, lured just 17 percent of the Facebookers against our 31 percent.

And the top range, more than $75,000, got 30 percent of that survey versus just 15 percent of ours.

In other words, those in the Model 3 Owners group felt the top-specification Model 3 electric cars would cost more across the board than did our readers.

As always, we note that our survey and the Facebook group survey are hardly scientific. We'll leave it to readers to figure out what the varying results indicate.


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