We update our look at plug-in hybrid sales, discuss an article claiming Tesla Motors isn't a disruptor, and tell you all about a hybrid VW Beetle we drove yesterday. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

The Kentucky Derby it ain't, but the E-Mazing Race III across Canada lets electric-car drivers earn points by recharging in different spots.

We got a quick drive in a prototype Volkswagen Beetle Dune Hybrid yesterday. Consider it a precursor to more VW hybrids to come.

California wants to help low-income drivers get access to plug-in electric cars; we covered how the state plans to do it.

So you thought Tesla Motors was disruptive, didja? Nah, forget it. One Harvard researcher says Tesla's only incremental: Low-speed electric golf carts are the real disruptor, he claims.

We added some new data to our article looking at the California sales of plug-in hybrids now that the coveted carpool-lane-access stickers are gone.

Want to let your insurance company look at how you brake when you drive your car? They say it's "highly predictive" of how likely you are to have an accident.

Finally, while it's not particularly green--in fact it's bright yellow--the design of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage concept, a modern interpretation of its classic coupe, has proven wildly controversial. We've got video.


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