Our feature, The Week In Reverse, looks back at the most significant story we published each day of the previous week.

We figure that if we collate them all in a single article, you can review, ogle, and ponder them--or simply catch up on any you missed during the work week.

From gas-mileage cuts on six different Ford models to an electric car that became a futuristic attack vehicle, these are the stories we talked most about during the past week. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and dig in.

2014 Ford C-Max

2014 Ford C-Max


Ford Cuts Gas Mileage On 6 Models: What You Need To Know, And Open Questions

Ford said Thursday afternoon that it had slashed fuel-economy ratings on three ot its 2013 and 2014 hybrids, two plug-in hybrids, and various 2014 Fiesta subcompact models. The overly high gas-mileage numbers, it said, were due to a math error in calculating the effect aerodynamic drag. We explained what it all means--and highlighted the questions that Ford didn't answer.


How Long Do Hybrid Cars Last: Which Will Make 150,000 Miles?

Some new data aggregated from more than 20 million used-car listings shows that one hybrid model has proportionately more very high-mileage examples--150,000 miles or more--than any other. And, no, it's not the Toyota Prius. We told you which one it actually was.

2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost SFE, Catskill Mountains, NY, Jun 2014

2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost SFE, Catskill Mountains, NY, Jun 2014


2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost: Gas Mileage Test Returns 40 MPG

We wrote up our weekend gas-mileage test drive of the 2014 Ford Fiesta fitted with the new 1.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged three-cylinder engine, the smallest powerplant Ford has sold in the U.S. in many years. Unlike other high-mileage Fords, which didn't live up to their billing (see Friday's story, above), the little Fiesta gave us a reliable 40 mpg-plus.


Tesla To Offer Supercharger As Fast-Charging Standard? Free To Drivers, Yes

The ever-informative Elon Musk, CEO of electric-car maker Tesla Motors, responded to a question at the U.K. launch of the right-hand-drive Model S luxury sedan by saying that Tesla would welcome other carmakers to adopt the Supercharger DC fast-charging standard--providing they agreed that drivers shouldn't pay to recharge their electric cars.

2014 BMW i3 REx range-extended electric car owned by Tom Moloughney - in dealership showroom

2014 BMW i3 REx range-extended electric car owned by Tom Moloughney - in dealership showroom


BMW i3 Electric Car Buyers: Mostly New To BMW (But Not i8 Owners)

Thus far, the early buyers of BMW i3 electric cars--both with and without the REx range-extending engine option--are new to the BMW brand, said a company executive in an interview with a trade publication. Such "conquest" buyers are the most valuable to carmakers, and like Chevrolet and Nissan, BMW is learning that electric cars are unlike any other kind of vehicle in the customers they attract.


Do New EPA Emission Rules Just Hasten Coal's Inevitable Death?

The political battle over proposed new EPA emissions limits on existing coal-fired powerplants promises to be epic. But despite the sturm und drang, it may be that the rules simply hasten the slow elimination of coal from U.S. power generation that's already started.

Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200 Ultraman ginga editions

Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200 Ultraman ginga editions

Our favorite

Nissan Leaf Electric Car Becomes Futuristic Attack Vehicle On Japanese TV Show (Video)

And, finally, our favorite story of the week was the one in which we showed how the revered Japanese TV show Ultra-Man had converted a Nissan Leaf electric car (and also a Nissan e-NV200 electric delivery van) into futuristic attack vehicles. We want a silver and orange Leaf with frickin' laser beams on the roof!


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