"Looks like we are going to fight with this car," one gas station attendant says to another.

You're in for quite a fight if you think you can fill a Nissan Leaf electric car with gasoline.

In a delightful new South African television ad for the Leaf, the pretty young driver plays a "Candid Camera"-style trick: pulling up to the pumps and nonchalantly asking the attendant to fill 'er up.

Obviously, that turns out to be a bit of a problem.

When they can't find a fuel door in the customary spot on the rear fenders, the station employees get creative. They look all over the car, including underneath.

Not getting any help from the customer, they eventually find the Leaf's nose-mounted charging port.

But just as they prepare to pour gasoline into it ... well, just watch the ad.

We loved the ad's cheerfulness, its 2-minute build, and the lilting background music.

This more comedic take on zero-emission motoring builds on previous Nissan ads that tried to get customers into electric cars by highlighting the tedium of internal combustion.

One global ad promised customers that they would never have to stop at a gas station again; another boldly claimed that "The question isn't, 'Why electric?' It's 'Why gas?'"

[Hat Tip: Kelly Carmichael]


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