In a few months’ time, the Nissan Leaf electric car will have been on sale in the U.S. for two years. 

While a steady--if slow--stream of Leafs have left dealers all over the U.S. since, Nissan, like some of its rivals, has struggled to find the right way of advertising its first plug-in car. 

Until now. 

In a new ad due to be aired globally, Nissan has left behind Polar Bears, gas-powered office equipment, and strange art installations in favor of a much simpler message based around one question. 

What if?

“What if you could drive the future today?,” the ad asks. “What if you could check on your car from your phone, and switch on the air conditioning remotely?”

“What if you could drive with zero emissions, and you never had to stop for petrol ever again?,” it continues, over a video of a Leaf owners doing everyday things in their everyday Nissan Leafs.

The video even touches on some of the best aspects to owning an electric car, from never having to visit the gas station to having your car recharge while you do something else--like grab lunch.

The ad itself follows the same simplistic, almost minimalist ad style that Apple uses in its iPad and iPhone commercials.

With simple, unhurried voice-over, clear video, and an upbeat but nonintrusive backing track, the ad leaves the viewer wanting to know more. 

After two years, has Nissan finally figured out how to sell its plug-in car?

What do you think? Is this the simple, understandable Leaf ad campaign Nissan has been missing for the past two years?

Or is it still too confusing? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.  


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