Well, here's a first: The best-selling car in Norway is the Tesla Model S.

Not the best-selling electric car. Not the best-selling car with a plug.

For the month of September, the Tesla Model S was the best-selling car, period.

Silicon Valley startup electric-car maker Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] sold 616 Tesla Model S cars in Norway last month, giving it a 5.1 percent share of total sales of about 12,168 vehicles sold.

While Tesla was only 20th out of 40 brands in total sales, all of its sales were of one single model. Other brands, including the leader Volkswagen (at 1,512 total sales), had sales spread across multiple models.

Plug-in electric cars took 8.6 percent of the market overall, at 1,044 sales, with all but a tiny fraction of them battery-electric vehicles.

The comparable figure for the U.S. is less than 1 percent.

The two highest-selling electric cars in Norway were the Model S and the Nissan Leaf, which together represented 85 percent of all plug-in sales last month.

Norway has been called the friendliest place for electric vehicles in the world, due to aggressive incentives and tax policies to promote the use of plug-in cars.

The first Tesla Model S delivered outside the U.S. was sold in Norway, in July. And the Nissan Leaf is doing well in Norway as well.

Final figures for September sales were released today by the OFV, the statistics agency that tabulates and publishes car sales.

[hat tip: GronnBil]


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