Yesterday we reviewed the BMW ActiveE electric car after spending an afternoon in the first ActiveE delivered in the U.S.

Now, we have a brief video clip to take you inside the car, hitting some of the high points of the driving experience.

The clip starts with the car at rest in the remarkably scenic precincts of Morris County, New Jersey (hey, no Jersey jokes!), and continues through a cycle of acceleration and braking.

Note the car's relative silence compared to a gasoline 1-Series with the accelerator floored, and the smooth transition from power to regenerative braking as it slows down.

As we wrote, the BMW ActiveE is "solid, comfortable, performs well, and feels far more like a production car than its predecessor, the Mini E"--which we weren't that impressed with.

The ActiveE is essentially a BMW 1-Series two-door sedan converted from gasoline to electric power.

It uses a large 32-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, broken into sections mounted in the tunnel, under the rear seat, and in the previous gas-tank location, to power a 125-kilowatt (168-horsepower) electric motor driving the rear wheels.

Performance is borderline brisk in Normal driving mode, and more acceptable than most electrified vehicles in its "EcoPro" energy-conserving mode.

Let us know your impressions of the ActiveE and our short test-drive video. Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.


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