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Want To Lease A 2009 MINI E? If You Live In Delaware, You Can

Want To Lease A 2009 MINI E? If You Live In Delaware, You Can

One of the earliest electric-car prototype test fleets of the modern day was made up of several hundred MINI E two-seaters, which hit U.S. roads on two-year leases from 2008 through 2010. MINI E drivers who loved driving electric--which is to say, many of them--were offered replacement BMW ActiveE... read more

June 27, 2014 by -
2014 BMW i3 (German-market version), Amsterdam, Oct 2013

Not All BMW ActiveE Drivers Moving To BMW i3, Poll Finds

A new car's biggest competitor is sometimes the one that came before it. That wasn't supposed to be the case with the upcoming 2014 BMW i3 electric car and its predecessor... read more March 4, 2014 by

2010 BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE Motor Failures: The Price Of Leasing A Test Car?

It's become increasingly common for carmakers to solicit volunteers to lease new-technology cars for a year or two, to gather real-world data about how the cars are actually... read more February 5, 2013 by 5

2010 BMW ActiveE

What Cars Get Traded In For The Electric BMW ActiveE?

Much of the discussion around electric cars centers on their cost: high initial purchase price, low per-mile running costs. But electric cars don't just compete against... read more January 22, 2013 by 18

1972 BMW 1602 Electric

BMW Celebrates 40 Years Of Electric Cars, From 1602 To i3

Think BMW, and your first thoughts may turn to sports sedans, luxury cars and sports cars. None are known for being particularly green, but BMW is set to change that when it... read more December 13, 2012 by 1

2012 BMW ActiveE  -  Driven in Monterey, February 2012

Electric Car Trip From SF To LA? Take Note Of King City

It's no surprise that California is becoming the heart of electric car ownership. Its weather, state incentives and even public attitudes make for an ideal environment in... read more September 11, 2012 by 4

BMW DriveNow service launches in San Francisco

BMW Launches ActiveE DriveNow Electric Car Sharing In San Francisco

We quite like the BMW ActiveE. It's a good-looking, comfortable, quick electric car, and its existence will help develop BMW's first true electric production car, the 2014... read more August 23, 2012 by 3

2012 BMW ActiveE  -  Driven in Monterey, February 2012

BMW ActiveE Safety Recall For Possible Power Steering Failure

BMW is recalling its ActiveE electric cars to replace a potentially faulty component whose failure could leave drivers without power steering. According to the text of the... read more July 6, 2012 by 8

Tesla Roadster #16 on track at ReFuel EV races

Want To Know What An Electric-Car Only Race Sounds Like?

Visit any major race track on any day of the week and there’s bound to be a cacophony of noise as professional race teams or enthusiastic amateurs drive lap after lap... read more July 3, 2012 by 6

2012 BMW ActiveE  -  Driven in Monterey, February 2012

BMW ActiveE Electric Car Drivers Compete In East Vs West Battle

New York or San Francisco? Bagels or Sourdough? East or West? If you’re from the east or west coasts of the U.S., you’ll know that there’s a (mainly)... read more May 30, 2012 by 0

2012 BMW ActiveE  -  Driven in Monterey, February 2012

BMW ActiveE Drivers To Benefit From Cheaper Solar Power

"Yeah, but where does the electricity come from, huh?" comes the oft-sneering question when the subject of electric cars is brought up in polite conversation. Sneery it may... read more May 9, 2012 by 6

BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE: Extended Drive Report (Video)

BMW’s 1,000-strong fleet of ActiveE electric cars are stationed around the world, with the largest number of test cars concentrated in the U.S. Earlier this year, we... read more May 4, 2012 by 15

1972 BMW Electric 1602

BMW: We've Been Making Electric Cars Since The 1972 Olympics

BMW might be more than a year away from bring its first production electric car -- the 2014 BMW i3 -- to production, but the German automaker wants you to know that it... read more March 22, 2012 by 2

BMW ActiveE electric car, January 2012, New Jersey

Electric-Car Buyers: Free Home Charging Stations Offered By ChargePoint

If you're thinking about applying to lease a BMW ActiveE--or of buying one of several other electric cars now on the market--you may be eligible for a nice freebie. Coulomb... read more February 15, 2012 by 4

BMW ActiveE electric car

BMW Opens Registration For ActiveE Electric Car Leases

Want to boldly go where few have gone before? If so, you might just have what it takes to become an "Electronaut", BMW's term for the select few who'll be piloting the 2012... read more January 23, 2012 by 0

BMW ActiveE electric car, January 2012, New Jersey

BMW ActiveE First Drive: At The Wheel (Video)

Yesterday we reviewed the BMW ActiveE electric car after spending an afternoon in the first ActiveE delivered in the U.S. Now, we have a brief video clip to take you inside... read more January 19, 2012 by 8



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