With the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show less than two weeks away the German auto industry is starting to really crank out the concept cars. Latest in the onslaught of new German metal is the Audi A2 concept.

If you think the name sounds familiar then you aren't wrong. Audi launched a production A2 subcompact back in 1999. It was never sold in the U.S. and sales were slow in Europe thanks to a relatively high price, but technologically it was far ahead of its competitors and in many respects, still is today.

With a lightweight and incredibly aerodynamic aluminum body and small, economical engines offering up to 53 miles per gallon combined, it predated today's move towards efficient vehicles by a decade.

The new A2 concept is being pushed as a premium-class space concept. At 12.47 feet long, 5.54 feet wide and 4.89 feet high the A2 Concept isn't a large vehicle, but offers plenty of space for four people inside. Audi has focused on the interior and the car features a flat floor and four individual seats the center console is attached to the driver's seat and a rear console fits between the two rear seats.

A "dynamic lighting" theme runs throughout the interior in two arches, and several touch-sensitive controls are mounted around the driver.

The exterior is typical of a modern Audi. The latest generation of LED headlight technology is used, with microreflectors to direct a high resolution and low-glare light pattern onto the road ahead. The light clusters also feature Audi's characteristic strip of LED daytime running lights.

The rear lights are even more special. The main tail lights adapt their illumination according to visbility conditions, and the rear fog lights use laser diodes to project a red warning triangle onto the road behind the car. A "dynamic light" strip runs the length of the car that acts as a continuous side market light and when using turn signals, a pulse of light runs throughout the unit.

There's very little information on the A2's drivetrain, but Audi does reveal it uses a powerful electric drive system with a "long range". Audi is keeping construction details a secret too, so we're unaware if it matches the original's aluminum unibody.

The concept will be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 13. Click here for more coverage on the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.



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