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  • 2020 Fiat Ducato

    Fiat is entering the electric commercial vehicle market with the Ducato Electric, a vehicle related to the U.S. Ram ProMaster.

  • Zero SR/F electric motorcycle
    Zero SR/F electric motorcycle charges in an hour—without the hunt for DC fast chargers

    If you already appreciate some of the remote connectivity features and quick charging of a modern electric car, the Zero SR/F electric motorcycle that was revealed earlier this week at last translates much of that to the motorcycle realm. With 110 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque, and a...

  • Felix Kramer and his fleet: Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, Plug in Prius
    Green Car Glossary: vehicles, emissions, fuels, electric cars, powertrains energy (updated)

    As rules to boost fuel economy and lower carbon emissions in vehicles around the world continue to stiffen, acronyms like EREV, CNG, and MPGe are becoming more and more common. Ever wonder what they all mean? This glossary is your chance to enter a veritable Twilight Zone of terminology--and find...

  • Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk at Motor Trend 'Car of the Year' ceremony in New York City, Nov 2012
    Elon Musk On Climate: Tax Carbon Appropriately, Tesla Founder Says (Full Transcript, Video)

    The COP21 climate summit in Paris is now in its second week. Presentations, conferences, trade shows, and probably thousands of individual meetings are being held among attendees from almost all the countries of the world. Last week, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk spoke to a group of college students...

  • BYD Qin plug-in hybrid in showroom in Costa Rica
    BYD's Rising Electric-Car Sales Swamped By Falling Gas Models

    Chinese automaker BYD was the first car company in the world to put a plug-in hybrid passenger car into production, a couple of years before the Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car hit the road. Despite several hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric product lines, however, the vast...

  • BYD K9 All-Electric Bus, as tested in Portland OR
    Portland Tests BYD K9 All-Electric Passenger Bus: Quick Ride

    If Warren Buffett needed to catch a ride across town, we suspect he might do it exactly the way that we did this past week: in an all-electric BYD bus. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway famously invested big in China’s BYD Motors in late 2008 -- likely spurred by the company’s...

  • Trikelet folding electric scooter

    The sexiest electric vehicle in the world right now is arguably the Tesla Model S luxury sedan, but now there seems to be a race on to design the smallest electric vehicle in the world. First came the Commute-Case from Green Energy Motors, and now we have the less expensive (and rather less glamorous) Trikelet. DON'T MISS: Electric Scooter In A Briefcase: Would You Pay $6,000 For It? The Trikelet scooter has three wheels--two small, closely-spaced ones at the rear and a larger one at the front that steers. It folds up into itself, forming a sort of box on wheels with a long handle that...

  • BYD electric buses
    BYD's Long Beach, CA, Electric-Bus Deal On Indefinite Hold Now

    Long Beach Transit will restart bidding for its electric buses, after Federal officials questioned the legitimacy of BYD's original bid.

  • Nissan e-NV200 electric van
    Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van To Enter Production Next Year

    The Nissan e-NV200, an electric version of the company's small van and New York's "Taxi of Tomorrow" will go from concept to production in 2014.

  • WAVE 2013 electric vehicle parade (Images: WAVE Facebook group)
    'World Record Drive' Around EU Draws 388 Electric Cars

    What do you call 388 electric cars and bikes driving from Vienna in Austria to Geneva in Switzerland? Answer: A world record. No, it's not funny, but then it wasn't a joke. Called WAVE 2013 (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition), a parade of hundreds of electric cars traveled between the two European...

  • Honeywell, Safran and Airbus testing electric taxiing for aircraft
    First Aircraft To Taxi On Electric Power: Paris Air Show Premiere

    You know that feeling when you realize you've been missing out on some low-hanging fruit for years? That could be what the aviation industry is feeling right now, as Airbus shows off its new Electric Green Taxiing System (EGTS) at this year's Paris air show. The concept, reported by Aviation Week...

  • Price Campbell (center) with parents Marvin & Mea after a driving lesson in the Nissan Leaf
    Learning To Drive In A Nissan Leaf: Video

    Last year, Michael Thwaite wrote about the experience of teaching his daughter to drive in a MINI E. As he pointed out, the all-electric car made for a smooth ride, which helped cool his nerves and those of his daughter. Also, the low speeds they maintained on the training course meant that hours...

  • Aptera 2e

    Last week, something miraculous happened: after more than a year of being prepped for burial, Saab rose from the dead. Of course, there had been previous attempts to revive the quirky car company -- notably, one led by Chinese investors Pang Da and Youngman (subsequently, a Chinese bank and Youngman). However, General Motors 86ed those efforts, because even though GM no longer owns Saab, it does own much of Saab's technology. Given China's passing acquaintance with intellectual property laws, GM worried that selling Saab to a Chinese conglomerate would be like publishing its trade secrets on...

  • Toyota Coms (Provided by Toyota Auto Body Co.)
    Toyota Announces Tiny Single-Seat Electric Car For Short Trips

    Historically, automakers haven’t been fond of small electric cars capable of carrying one or two people. Lately, everyone from General Motors to Renault has shown interest in low-speed city runabouts, leading some to even bring doorless, electric runabouts to market. Unlike most automakers...

  • The electric-powerd Superbus undergoes winter systems testing.
    Wubbo Ockels' Electric Superbus Undergoes Winter Testing: Video

    Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels is also the driving force behind the development of a high-speed, electric powered bus.

  • A123 lithium-ion cells
    Battery Maker A123 To Supply Cells For Tata Hybrid Buses

    Lithium-ion cell maker A123 Systems announced today that it would supply complete battery packs to Tata Motors, the largest vehicle maker in India, to be used in hybrid systems for commercial vehicles. The lithium-ion battery packs will first be deployed in city transit buses in the latter half of...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf SL
    Are Electric Cars Really Bad For The Planet? Simple Math Says No

    We all know that electric cars charged from renewable sources of energy are much cleaner than gasoline-powered cars, but what about electric cars charged from electricity produced by a dirty coal-fired power plant? For some time, those against the uptake of electric cars have claimed driving an...

  • Peter Rawlinson, previously Tesla VP and chief engineer, now Lucid Motors chief technology officer
    Two Tesla Execs Leave Before 2012 Model S Launch, Stock Falls

    Californian automaker Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] suffered a 19.33 percent drop in share price on Friday last week after it announced two of its key engineers had departed the company months before its 2012 Model S was due to go on sale. Peter Rawlinson, Tesla’s vice president and chief...

  • Aptera Lidquidation

    One week ago, we heard the tragic story that Aptera Motors, which had planned to bring the ultra-efficient Aptera 3-wheeled vehicle to market, was closing for good. Then on Wednesday this week, YouTube videos surfaced showing what appeared to be Aptera Employees smashing prototype Aptera body shells. While the videos were uploaded on Wednesday, it later transpired that the videos were shot during the summer, shortly after founder Steve Fambro left the company. We were able to clear up a little on the origins of those videos yesterday when Fambro gave first public interview since leaving the...

  • 2012 Hawaiian Teacher of the Year Gets Free Mitsubishi I
    Mitsubishi Rewards Hawaii Top Teacher With 2012 Mitsubishi i

    Once upon a time, the only real reward for being a good teacher was to see your students get excited about a subject or do well in exams -- but now a lucky teacher has been rewarded for his good work with a year-long loan of a brand-new 2012 Mitsubishi i. As Plugincar contributor Eric Loveday...

  • The U.S. Army's Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV). Image: Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies
    Will Military Necessity Push Hybrid Vehicle Development?

    The challenges of delivering fuel to a battlefield make hybrids and extended range electric vehicles a natural choice for the Army, but current technology limits their practicality.

  • Houston's Tranquility Park Garage with GRIDbot charging stations
    Largest Electric-Car Charging Site: Would You Believe Houston?

    UPDATE: To answer the question posed in our headline: No, we do not believe Houston has the largest electric-car charging site. See below. When we think of Texas, we think of many things: open roads, desert landscapes, Beyoncé. And of course, we also think of oil, since Texas is one of the...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Volt
    Solid State Electric Car Batteries Still 10 Years Away

    Solid state batteries could be seen as everything we're looking for from an electric car battery, improving on all the fundamental characteristics needed for electric mobility. Unfortunately, we probably won't be seeing them any time soon. The latest estimations reported by Automotive News...

  • ESB ecars Nissan Leaf Cannonball team at the finish
    Video: Irish Cannonball Run 2011 Nissan Leaf Home And Dry

    A few weeks back we brought you news that a team entered into the famous Cannonball Run, this year held in Ireland, would be doing the trip in a 2011 Nissan Leaf. We missed the end of their journey as the excitement of the Frankfurt Show got in the way, but we're pleased to report the ESB ecars...

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