LED headlights

  • Audi's signature LEDs on the 2013 S7

    Many people imagine that fuel efficiency stops and starts with engine technology and driving technique, but there's a little more to it than that. Making a fuel-efficient vehicle involves a holistic approach that examines every aspect of a car's design and tries to reduce its impact on fuel use--and even the humble headlight can play a part. Audi's range of LED headlights is just such a technology, and the European Commission has certified it as an official fuel-saving technology. In tests comparing non-LED and LED-headlamped Audis, those with the new technology were measurably more...

  • 2011 Audi A2 Concept
    Audi A2 Concept Electric Car Due At 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

    With the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show less than two weeks away the German auto industry is starting to really crank out the concept cars. Latest in the onslaught of new German metal is the Audi A2 concept. If you think the name sounds familiar then you aren't wrong. Audi launched a production A2...

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