Yesterday we brought you news that a team from Toyota Motorsport had successfully smashed the electric car lap record at the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife race track in Germany. 

Beating the previous record of 9 minutes and 1.3 seconds set by Peugeot's EX1 electric racing car prototype in April, the Toyota PV001 EV set a lap time of 7 minutes and 4.7.79 seconds.  

Sadly, the Nürburgring was closed to the public and the press for the attempt, but luckily Toyota’s Motorsport division had that base covered by strapping a video camera alongside the driver in the custom-built racer. 

Now Toyota has shared the video of its record-breaking run on YouTube in an 8-and-a-half minute shotgun ride around the Nordschleife.

Thanks to many happy hours ‘behind the wheel’ on simulated versions of the Nordschleife, we’re familiar with the 12.93 mile course -- but the beautiful HD video took our breath away.

Toyota electric race car prototype live photos - Copyright High Gear Media

Toyota electric race car prototype live photos - Copyright High Gear Media

Watching the video, we’re reminded how quiet electric race cars are compared to their gasoline counterparts. Sure, there’s the usual wind and road noises, but the only other noises we can hear are the tires taking a beating on every single corner and the motor whine as the PV001 EV is pushed to its absolute limits.

If you’re a fan of electric cars or racing cars, you’ll want to watch the video below. 

In order to enjoy it at its best, we recommend watching it in its full-screen HD glory -- with the speakers turned up. 

[Toyota Motorsport]


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