2011 Nissan ESFLOW Concept

2011 Nissan ESFLOW Concept

Back in May, we highlighted the Nissan Esflow sports car concept as a vehicle that could help make electric cars cool.

Now, several images of the Esflow in motion close one of Nissan's new "Innovation For All" television ads.

All of the Nissan “innovations” shown in these commercials are features actually in production cars right now--except for the closing scenes, which depict the Esflow sports car concept.

Is Nissan subtly telling us that the Esflow is just over the horizon for actual production?

In February , Fancois Bancon, Nissan’s future products manager, acknowledged that the Esflow was developed with practical and realistic details, and would carry a projected retail price of $34,000 to $40,000 if it were produced.

Bancon absolutely would not confirm any production plans for such a car, but he also nodded to the fadct that Nissan has a solid sports car heritage.

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All the Esflow power train technology is taken directly from the 2011 Nissan Leaf, meaning its drivetrain is familiar and could come down in cost with economies of scale. It even uses the same 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack,

Keeping its overall size and weight to a minimum (the target weight is less than 2000 pounds) means that the performance could be more like a real sports car, not a poseur that only looks good parked.

So, has Nissan given us notice that the ESFlow is in the production pipeline?  It looks more encouraging than it did back in February.

Let us know whether you think Nissan should build the Esflow, and what you think it should realistically sell for (if it had the same 70-to-100-mile range as the Leaf).

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