Fed up of waiting for a cheaper, smaller electric car from Nissan, or something a bit more interesting and sportier than the Leaf?

You may not have to wait much longer.

In an interview with Motor Authority, Nissan's global design chief Shiro Nakamura says Nissan's electric car plans will take three different paths in the future.

One of these will continue on from the Leaf--that of a practical electric vehicle, not too different from the norm and covering the middle ground in Nissan's future electric vehicle plans.

The others will be more distinct, with one in particular expressing "the sportier, exciting part of EVs", according to Nakamura.

This sporting model could take the form of a car like last year's BladeGlider concept, inspired by the Deltawing and ZEOD RC Le Mans racers. Nissan is said to be keen to push a car very similar to the BladeGlider into production.

However, Nissan has previously shown another sporting electric car concept, the more traditionally-shaped ESFLOW, first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2011.

A vehicle like the ESFLOW might be the more production-likely, not least as Nakamura says the BladeGlider's narrow front track could present difficulties when preparing the car for various global safety tests.

The third electric vehicle path is more humble, one Nakamura calls "a cheap city commuter type unique EV".

He doesn't go into much detail, but the subtext is a more radical vehicle than traditional city cars. Once again, Nissan has previously explored such a vehicle in concept form, notably the Pivo3 concept from 2011.

The brand is also testing a fleet of rebadged Renault Twizy two-seat electric commuter vehicles in its home country of Japan--perhaps an exploration into a small electric vehicle of its own.

The bottom line? Nissan's electric cars are about to get a lot more interesting.


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