The list of cars that have been celebrated in song is long.

Think pink Cadillacs, little Deuce coupes, Pontiac GTO, and many Mustangs, with or without Sally.

Now you can add the Honda Civic to that list.

The modest and unassuming line of compact hatchbacks and sedans known for their fuel efficiency and high gas mileage now has its own anthem, courtesy of upstate New York country rock band The Felice Brothers.

It may not, however, be quite the bouncy, cheerful, grammatically challenged, car-for-every-buyer campaign that Honda of America might like.

The Felice Brothers are named for a pair of hard-drinking, hard-living brothers--Ian and James--who are the sons of a carpenter from the not-all-that-well-to-do town of Palenville, New York. For the record, the rest of the band is Greg Farley, Dave Turbeville, and Christmas Clapton.

Need we note they got their start singing in the New York City subways? Or that they have a song called "Whiskey In My Whiskey"?

Their new track, "Honda Civic," comes from their latest album, Celebration, Florida. It covers the story--loosely--of a used 1996 Honda Civic.

It includes a marriage proposal, security cameras, hard drinking at the Knights of Columbus, a suicide threat, shots through the windshield, and a plaintive chorus of, "Who's got the money to buy the blue car?"

Musically, the album track includes Auto-Tuned vocals, a horn section, an accordion solo, and the Brothers' singing, in voices that range all the way from gravelly to falsetto.

Will it appeal to the most ardent young fans of the Civic line? You be the judge.

Watch the video below (at least unless it's taken down by YouTube) and leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.

(Another, rather different performance here.)

Country tuner rock, anyone?