• 2017 Tesla Model S

    It seems every other day Tesla CEO Elon Musk has news about the next big project for the electric-car maker. This time, the news is about a project that seems relatively achievable, but one that produces as many questions as it answers. According to reports, Tesla is looking into starting its own streaming music service. DON'T MISS: Tesla driver killed in Autopilot crash ignored repeated warnings, NTSB says Recode reports the automaker has approached many major labels to discuss licensing music for an exclusive Tesla music streaming service. It could be viewed as a case of "anything you can...

  • Concert on Volvo electric bus, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Volvo electric buses: quiet enough for classic-music concerts

    Volvo electric buses are serving as mobile concert halls in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Deb Seymour Little Zenn Car
    Alt-Country Song Lauds Electric Cars, Though Cowboys May Cringe

    There was a time--not that long ago--when country music was predictable. Usually it involved a dog, a pickup truck, and a lost lady-love. Then alternative folk came along. And it brought electric cars with it. Enter self-styled alternative folk singer/songwriter Deb Seymour, and her latest single...

  • 1997 Honda Civic DX
    Honda Civic Joins Mustang, GTO, Cadillac, Gets Its Own Song

    The list of cars that have been celebrated in song is long. Think pink Cadillacs, little Deuce coupes, Pontiac GTO, and many Mustangs, with or without Sally. Now you can add the Honda Civic to that list. The modest and unassuming line of compact hatchbacks and sedans known for their fuel efficiency...

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