During the Detroit Auto Show in January, we visited the Think electric-car assembly plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

It's not necessarily a place you'd expect to find electric cars being put together, but the rows of electric two-seat hatchbacks in blue, red, and black turned out to be surprisingly photogenic.

In many ways, the plant isn't what you imagine a car factory to be. It's fairly quiet, for one thing.

But seeing hundreds of brand-new electric cars moving from station to station, or parked in neat rows after their final inspections, was impressive enough that we shot many more photos than we'd expected to.

Here are a couple of galleries of our favorites. With luck, you'll feel like you too walked out of the snow and into the huge building full of electric two-seat Think City hatchbacks.

We'll follow up the visuals with an article on the Think company, including interviews with executives and what they hope to accomplish.

Stay tuned for that one. And meanwhile, enjoy these images.

Think USA provided transport (in a rented Toyota Sienna) and a (very tasty) boxed lunch to enable High Gear Media to bring you this onsite report.


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