If the shots we showed you last year of Mercedes-Benz’s electric offering on the now iconic SLS AMG super-car were enough to get your juices flowing,  you’ll be pleased to know that Mercedes announced yesterday at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show that the all-electric SLS AMG E-Cell will be available for order in 2013

Our colleagues over at MotorAuthority test-drove the gasoline-powered 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in November 2009, and concluded that it was perfect for cruising Miami’s South Beach or taking to a track day. 

The gasoline SLS AMG features a 405hp 5.5L V8 engine driving a traditional rear-wheel drive setup, while in the new 2013 Electric version a quartet of electric motors gives the E-Cell sure-footed four-wheel drive. 

0-62 takes place in 3.8 seconds, and there’s no traditional gearbox, meaning precise seamless power delivery to the legal speed limit and beyond. 

Scottish Formula 1 driver David Coulthard took the SLS AMG E-Cell prototype through its paces in Germany last year and was amazed that an electric car could perform so well.

The interior is appointed to Mercedes-Benz’s usual high standard, making the 2013 SLS AMG E-Cell the perfect car for wealthy business moguls, sports stars and doc-com billionaires. 

There’s no range announcement yet, nor official price, but expect to have little change from $307,000

Then again, to own the electric version of an already limited edition instant classic capable of pushing you from 0-124 mph in the time it takes a family sedan to reach 60mph we’re sure there is a queue of interested buyers with their credit cards at the ready.