Who killed the electric car? Chances are that if you've watched the film that poses this question, you'll have some idea of how the electric car fizzled out and died before its 21st-Century re-birth.

2011 will bring a sequel to the original documentary titled "Revenge Of The Electric Car". As with the original the title gives a clue to the content, bringing us a tale of the global resurgence of electric vehicles we're currently enjoying.

Excited? So are we. We'll have to wait for the film itself, but Chicago-based production company WestMidWest Productions has announced that a trailer to the highly anticipated film will be Premiered on the film's Facebook page when 10,000 people have signed up as fans. The page is currently at just under 2,000 fans so there's a way to go yet, but the sooner you become a fan the sooner we'll all see the trailer...

The decision to release the trailer via Facebook is thanks to the original film's legions of fans making use of social media to further the cause of electric cars. Chris Paine, director of the original film from 2006 and director of the new sequel, says "We've developed a loyal and passionate community of electric car enthusiasts, environmentalists, and other fans of 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' over the years," adding "it only makes sense to share the first public release of the trailer with fans and friends first, through an outlet where they connect to each other."

Revenge Of The Electric Car will document the increasing popularity of EVs, taking a look behind the scenes at companies such as Nissan and Tesla, as well as General Motors, who were heavily featured in the original film for their destruction of the pioneering EV1. The move was criticized widely and still touches a nerve for many EV fans.

You'll only be able to see the trailer on Facebook so logging in, heading over to www.facebook.com/revengeoftheelectriccar and becoming a fan of the page will take us all a small step closer to the Premiere.

The film itself is expected for release in Spring 2011. Unfortunately, this means you'll probably be watching it before your 2011 Nissan Leaf is delivered...

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