You’ve done the research, figured out how which one you want and even put a deposit down to secure your new electric car. 

But how do you get rid of your gasoline one? 

Of course, you can always sell it on or part exchange it for your plug-in car, but if your current gasoline car isn’t that new or valuable, here’s five more interesting ways you could dispose of it. 

Strip it for parts

If you’re one of the many electric car fans who decided many years ago that your current gasoline car would be your last, your gas-guzzling ride might not be worth all that much any more. 

car parts

car parts

And with more people holding onto their cars for longer, the used car market isn’t as strong as it once was. 

The solution? Selling it for parts.

If you’re handy with a wrench, you can do most of the strip down yourself, selling the parts privately on auction sites like eBay.  You may find that that extra work pays off, as older cars are often worth more when broken up than they are as a whole vehicle. 

Get it converted

Although you may have decided to buy a mainstream electric car than convert your own, your old gasoline car could still get converted - at the hands of a local community group. 

Schools, youth groups and even local penitentiaries could take your old gas-guzzler, strip out the engine and give it a new electric heart. 

Admittedly, you’ll have to give your car away, but for gasoline cars with aging engines but excellent bodywork this is an excellent way to ensure that your old car doesn’t end up in the crusher. 

It’s good feelings all round too. The place you donate your old gasoline car to will be grateful of your donation, and those involved in converting it will learn a new set of skills to help them in their future life. 

Of course, if that level of altruism isn’t palatable or financially possible, you can always sell your car as a conversion project to a local DIY electric car enthusiast. 

Pass it onto your kids

As regular contributor Michael Thwaite discovered, electric cars are ideal for kids to learn to drive in, but if you’re wanting to give them a car they can go out in on their own, perhaps your new electric car isn’t it. 

Taking a Driving Test in a 2009 MIni E

Taking a Driving Test in a 2009 MIni E

In that case, why not pass your old gas-guzzler to your kids. Sure, it will still burn gasoline, and yes, it’s not as clean as your electric car, but owning and caring for it is a valuable life lesson and helps to reinforce the differences between gasoline and electric cars. 

If your children really don’t want your old car or you don’t have any, you could always donate it to your local high school drivers education program.

Demolition Derby

Yes, we know suggesting an electric car owner takes their old gasoline car to be sacrificed with the aid of gallons of gasoline might be a little sacrilegious, but like burying vikings in their long-ships, it may be appropriate for your last ever gasoline car. 

But if you’re the sensitive sort which had a really strong bond with your old gasoline car you may find it a little disturbing to watch. Unlike the 2005 Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, your old gasoline car is unlikely to win.

Keep it

Believe it or not, many electric car owners actually keep their old gasoline car for those rare occasions when they need longer-distance transport. 

But if you do keep it, bear in mind that cars do not work as reliably if they’re not used regularly. 

If you can, make sure you drive it one a fortnight, and treat it to the same service schedule as you would have done when you were driving it - that includes preparing it for winter. 

Anything else?

We know some of our readers have come up with interesting ways of repurposing their old gasoline car when a new electric car joins the family. Why not share them with us in the Comments below?