Anticipation for Nissan's 2011 Leaf electric car is beginning to reach boiling point but for those who've put down deposits in the last few months, waiting for the car brings a mixture of frustration and excitement, like a kid on Christmas Eve trying to get to sleep before Santa arrives. Our own Marty Padgett knows this feeling all too well.

Not so for 7-times Tour de France-winning cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, who has taken delivery of his black Leaf and let his Twitter followers know first.

Running on non-standard black alloy wheels with a distinctive, Livestrong-esque yellow band around the rim, Lance's Leaf certainly stands out. Nissan promised Armstrong would be the first Leaf owner and the two now have a strong partnership.

Back in July, Lance and Nissan released an advert promoting the Leaf, Lance telling us how the Leaf is a breath of fresh air for someone who has spent 20 years following diesel and gasoline support vehicles on the way to winning another race.

The cycling legend is sure to give us further updates on his exciting new purchase via his twitter page, so keep your eyes peeled to see how he gets on.

Check out Lance's advert below. For more information on the 2011 Nissan Leaf, check out our Ultimate Reference Guide.