You may not know it, but our Marty Padgett isn’t the only member of the High Gear Media editorial team to order a 2011 Nissan Leaf

Over 5,000 miles away on the west coast of England, I’ve also been waiting patiently in the queue for an email from Nissan letting me know when my Leaf would be delivered.  

Today the wait was over. Nissan mailed to ask me to choose my local dealer in order to start the finalization process. Apparently then the local dealer will contact me in the next few days to talk financing, charging and delivery dates. 

I’m one step closer to driving my 2011 Nissan Leaf. 

2011 Nissan Leaf, Nashville, October 2010

2011 Nissan Leaf, Nashville, October 2010

I’m quite shocked.  Unlike Marty, who stumped up $99 for a place in the Leaf waiting list back in April, the U.K. waiting list didn’t even open until September 1. Instead of a $99 deposit, the U.K. reservation was a massive $400. Just like everything else, it seemed the U.S. was a cheaper market to buy a Leaf in. 

Until today,  the only things we’ve heard from Nissan about our respective orders is that Marty’s won’t arrive until April, and that Nissan was sending its future Leaf customers some cute stickers to make the wait less painful. 

The dealer selection was pretty painless. After clicking on a link in the email Nissan sent, I was sent to a page on the Nissan website where I was offered a choice of dealers, as well as modifying the initial order. 

2011 Nissan Leaf

2011 Nissan Leaf

My two nearest dealers are around 40 miles away. With one chosen, I then changed the color of my car from Sky Blue to Force Red, after seeing the color of our Nashville test car back in October. 

Nissan also helpfully reminded me that my order can still be cancelled up until the point I sign the purchase contract. If I do cancel, my reservation fee will be returned to me. 

As to delivery date? Marty may get his before mine, as Nissan has only confirmed that my car will arrive sometime in Q1 of 2010 2011. 

I should hear from my dealer in the next few weeks to finalize my order and to arrange a test-drive as part of the U.K. Nissan Leaf tour, which commences in January. 

Until then, we’re both just like the many thousands of expectant Nissan Leaf owners. 

Let’s hope there won’t be any more delays. After all, Lance Armstrong took delivery of his two months ago. How much longer will we have to wait?