We've always been more than a little skeptical about Bentley's biofuel claims for its 2010 Continental Supersports hot rod. We think it's very, very unlikely that owners of a $267,000 near-supercar will seek out one of the few hundred E85 ethanol pumps in the country to cut their carbon emissions.

Now we learn that the first 200 Supersports cars to be delivered in the U.S. won't be able to run on ethanol anyway.

Seems that the challenges of altering the twin-turbo 621-horsepower W-12 engine to accept the more corrosive ethanol caused some delays, so the company is going ahead and launching the 2010 Bentley Continental Supersports sans flex-fuel fixings.

Bentley promises that later Supersports models will indeed offer the flex-fuel capability. And you know what? We're still skeptical.

[Green Car Advisor via MotorAuthority]