Tesla Model S and Roadster

Tesla Model S and Roadster

There's rarely a slow news day for Tesla Motors. Today, Tesla spokesperson, Rachel Konrad confirmed that a member of the executive team has resigned. According to Konrad, Michael van der Sande, who has served under the title of Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Service since December, left his post for personal reasons.

Tesla denies that the resignation has anything to do with sales. "It's important to note that July was our best sales month in six months, and we delivered a record number of cars to customers (109). We will significantly increase European deliveries in the current quarter," said Konrad.

Van der Sande came to Tesla from Harley Davidson after the electric car company's former marketing boss, Darryl Siry, quit eight months ago. Having worked abroad for Harley, Nissan and Rolls-Royce, van der Sande seemed well equipped for the challenges of promoting a new form of transportation worldwide.

When he took the job with Tesla, van der Sande said, "Great brands are only created when there is a real and lasting emotional connection between the company and its customers." His connection to the company didn't last very long.

On the bright side, while Tesla failed to meet their original target of late June, they expect to unveil their new Chicago dealership in just over a month. The VIP opening party is currently scheduled for September 10. A public open house with test rides will take place the following two days.

Be giddy Chicago.

Source: Tesla Motors