Darryl Siry, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service for Tesla Motors has resigned. On his blog yesterday, Siry cited, "disagreements in strategy," as his reason. Though he has no immediate plans for future employment, he intends to continue blogging about the alternative fuel vehicle industry, and marketing. He's also working on a "business idea in the media/technology space." Tesla has not officially announced his replacement.

This comes after Tesla Chairman, Elon Musk, replaced the company's former CEO, "Ze'ev Drori" in October. Shortly thereafter, Musk announced layoffs and delays in the company's future "Model S" (formerly "WhiteStar") midsized sedan.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Tesla is requesting $400 million in low interest federal loans from the $25 billion package offered by Congress last year to help automakers make more fuel efficient vehicles. Tesla says they'll use the money to develop an advanced battery and powertrain for their electric vehicles and to fund Model S project. As of today, they'll do so with a new spokesperson.

Sources: Darryl Siry's Blog, New York Times, Image: Tesla Motors