Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

  • 2016 Toyota Prius - first drive, Laguna Niguel, CA, Nov 2015

    The Toyota Prius hybrid has been its maker's "halo car" and an example of its most advanced technology for two decades. Launched from an early-1990s project to halve the fuel consumption of a small car, its hybrid-electric powertrain pioneered mass electrification of passenger cars. But the sales arc of what has grown to be a family of Prius hybrid models in the U.S. has now turned sharply down: Last year's sales were half those of 2012. DON'T MISS: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime: first drive of new plug-in hybrid Prius sales in 2000, its first model year, were just 5,562 units, and the subcompact...

  • 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Premium
    How many Toyota Prius Primes will be sold in its first 12 months? Poll results

    Next year should be an interesting one for sales of plug-in electric cars, with the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV rolling out to selected dealers in all 50 states, Chevy says. The 2017 BMW i3 gets 50 percent more range, and the Ford Focus Electric and Volkswagen e-Golf are expected to get range upgrades...

  • 2015 Toyota Prius Liftback
    Toyota Prius Deals In Southern California Cut Lease To Electric-Car Prices

    The Toyota Prius hybrid gets added incentives in southern California.

  • 2015 Toyota Prius C
    Toyota Prius Range Gets Bigger Discounts In CA, Prius C Especially

    Toyota offers big discounts on the entire Prius hybrid range in California.

  • 2013 Chevrolet Volt  -  Driven, December 2012
    Could Less-Pricey 2016 Chevy Volt Undercut Plug-In Hybrids?

    The average new vehicle transaction price in the U.S. today is around $32,000. Now it appears that the upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Volt may possibly have two model variants, one of them targeting a base price of $30,000. That price could potentially equal--or undercut--every plug-in hybrid offered...

  • California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Driver Survey Results - CA Ctr for Sustainable Energy, Mar 2013
    Who Buys Plug-In Electric Cars, And Why? CA Report Explains It All For You

    Within two or three months, there will be more than 200,000 plug-in electric cars on U.S. roads--and we're learning more about who buys them, and why. California's Center for Sustainable Energy released a new report this month that depicts the owners of different models having different reasons for...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, Catskill Mountains, NY, Oct 2012

    Where are you hedging your bets when it comes to the future of automobile propulsion? Maybe you're sticking with hybrids. Maybe you've already gone all the way to an electric car, or are rolling around in a range-extended Chevrolet Volt. For some, the latest version of the Toyota Prius with plug-in hybrid technology is just what they need. Largely similar to a regular Prius but equipped with a larger, lithium-ion battery pack and an extra few miles of electric range. We've compiled all our articles on the Prius Plug-In, bringing you all the information you'll need to decide whether it's the...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid - production model
    2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Price Cut By $2,000 To $4,600

    The 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid is the latest of many plug-in cars to get a price cut.

  • 2013 Toyota Prius liftback
    2016 Toyota Prius: Next Hybrid Aims For 55 MPG, More Room, Better Handling

    Toyota today released a few more nuggets of information about the next, all-new generation of its Prius hybrid car. The all-new Prius, to be released in 2015, is likely to continue each generation's 10-percent improvement on the fuel economy of its predecessor. With the current Prius Liftback rated...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid
    Buy A Toyota Prius Plug-In, Get Up To $5,000 In Cash Incentives

    Toyota is offering up to $5,000 in bonus financing cash for buyers of the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. Until December 3, buyers can get $5,000 bonus financing cash on the Plug-In Prius Advanced model (offer #1239), and $4,000 on the regular Plug-In Prius (#1235). The deals also include 0% APR...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius V station wagon, Half Moon Bay, CA, May 2011
    Toyota Prius Hybrid Family: Which Models Are Most Successful?

    For 12 years, the Toyota Prius hybrid stood alone in the growing lineup of Toyota vehicles. Then, for 2012, the Prius model became a whole family of cars--four of them, in fact. So which of the new Prius family members is doing the best so far, and which kid is lagging and might benefit from some...

  • 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, Los Angeles, August 2012
    Making The Transition To A Hybrid Car? Here’s What To Expect

    Over the past decade, hybrid electric cars have gone from being niche market vehicles for movie stars and green thinkers to everyday vehicles that can save you big money on your gas bill. In fact, with more hybrid cars to choose from than ever before, there’s never a better time to make the...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius C launch, Detroit Auto Show

    Yesterday, we told you electric-car sales were down slightly in April--even as overall car sales continued to recover. But while the plug-in sales will likely stay low for awhile, both ebbing and flowing, one green model benefited greatly in April: the ur-hybrid Toyota Prius. Now that all four Prius models are available at dealerships, they're flying out the doors almost as fast as they can be unloaded off the transporters. Last month, Toyota sold 25,168 Prius models--more than double the 12,477 it sold in April last year. That's not quite the 28,711 Priuses sold in March--the all-time record...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
    Cheapest Electric Car In The U.S.? It Depends How You Ask

    So what's the least expensive plug-in car in the U.S.? That ought to be pretty simple to figure out, right? Just compare the base price for every electric car, add in mandatory delivery fees, and see which comes in lowest. Which is why we got confused this morning when we read Toyota's Bob Carter...

  • Leviton Level 2 Electric Car Charging Station
    Toyota To Offer Leviton Charging Stations For Prius Plug-In

    Next year, Toyota will be launching a trio of plug-in vehicles - the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, the 2012 Toyota RAV4EV and the 2012 Scion IQ. To coincide with that launch, Toyota has announced it will be selling a branded electric-car charging station, made by electronics manufacturing firm...

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototype, tested in November 2010
    Will 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Get Us Used To Plugging In?

    Last week, Toyota said it expects to sell 16,000 or more 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid models in the U.S. next year, once the car is launched (in June or before). For all intents and purposes, it's a standard Toyota Prius hybrid with a larger battery pack that uses lithium-ion cells. The car can be...

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototype, tested in November 2010
    Toyota Fixes Quirks On Upcoming 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid

    The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid isn’t set to go on sale until early next year, but we already know quite a lot about the car. This is mostly thanks to the fleet of Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototypes running around the country, an early version of which we drove back in 2010. However, some...

  • GE Solar Park
    More Sites Install Solar Carports For Electric-Car Charging

    It's the green ideal: Charging an electric car or plug-in hybrid using electricity generated purely from the sun. But it's not fiction; a handful of large, multi-space solar carports are popping up in areas as diverse as Silicon Valley, New York City, Detroit, and Tennessee. The latest one...

  • 2011 Toyota Prius

    The 2011 Toyota Prius hybrid gets the best gas mileage rating of any car for sale in the U.S. market today. It's rated at 51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway, for a combined rating of 50 mpg--and that's a number no other car can match. At least, no other car that doesn't plug into the wall for some (2011 Chevy Volt) or all (2011 Nissan Leaf) of the energy it needs to propel itself. And plug-in electric cars, at least this year, remain very, very scarce, with long waiting lists at both Nissan and Chevrolet dealers, not to mention their high prices ($32,780 and $41,000, respectively, before...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius V launch press conference, 2011 Detroit Auto Show
    2012 Toyota Prius V Station Wagon/Minivan: Arrives This Fall

    There's nothing like a story translated from overseas media, concerning a related but not-quite-the-same model of a new hybrid car, to get people all in an uproar. So here's the real deal on the 2012 Toyota Prius V station wagon/minivan: It will still arrive in U.S. dealerships this fall. That's...

  • prototype 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, April 2010
    Toyota Denies Prius Range To Go All Plug-In Hybrid By 2014

    In about a year’s time Toyota will launch the long-awaited plug-in hybrid version of its top-selling Prius, selling it alongside the regular version of the Prius that’s already available today. According to a new report from Japan’s Nikkei business daily, however, Toyota may make...

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