We had the first chance to drive the new electric Audi e-tron quattro SUV. Startup electric truck-maker Rivian says it plans to follow Tesla's lead in selling cars directly to consumers—mostly. Toyota reveals how the new Prius AWD-e gets great gas mileage. And a new report shows greenhouse gas emissions are back on the rise. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We went all the way to the United Arab Emirates to get a chance to drive the Audi e-tron quattro SUV, the next major luxury electric vehicle, and found that it lives up to its luxury nameplate.

Rivian revealed details of how it plans to sell its new electric pickup and SUV. It will sell directly to consumers where it can, and dealerships will mainly be for service and support.

Toyota details the light-weight, minimally capable all-wheel drive system in its new Prius AWD-e, which helps it maintain the excellent fuel economy that made the Prius famous.

The latest climate change report, unveiled as world leaders meet in Poland to discuss the next steps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, shows that CO2 output has crept up in the last year after remaining flat for a few years before. 

Google's Waymo self-driving car service launched its first commercial self-driving taxi service in Phoenix. But instead of opening it to the public, it will only serve a small group of pre-screened riders.

Finally, a new German company, Hyperloop TT, aims to build a test track in Hamburg to test Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Hyperloop high-speed tunnel transportation technology.


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