Today's updates are all about new models from the LA auto show, including new electrics from startup automakers Rivian and Byton, a new all-wheel-drive version of the Toyota Prius, a new Hybrid version of Toyota Corolla, and a fuel-efficient new engine for the Mazda3. All this, plus President Trump responds to GM's announcement that it will kill the Chevy Volt, close 5 plants and lay off 15 percent of its workers. Look for even more today on Green Car Reports.

At the LA Auto Show, Detroit-based startup electric automaker Rivian followed up the announcement of its planned new electric pickup with more details on its companion full-size seven-passenger SUV.

Chinese startup electric automaker Byton showed its second model, the self-driving K-Byte luxury sedan at simultaneous events in LA and Shanghai and revealed progress toward building its M-Byte SUV which is due to arrive next year.

Toyota showed off a new all-wheel-drive version of the Prius coming for 2019 that should satisfy buyers in northern regions. New, slightly more conventional styling may please buyers everywhere in North America.

At the same time, Toyota revealed a new hybrid version of its mainstay Corolla.

Mazda isn't going electric at all, but revealed redesigned versions of its small Mazda3 sedan and hatchback, which are expected eventually to get new engines that promise to be as efficient as a diesel and as clean as gas.

In reaction to General Motors' announcement Monday that it will lay off 15 percent of its workers, and close five factories including the one that builds the Chevy Volt, President Trump vowed retaliation on Twitter, threatening to cut off subsidies for the company's plug-in cars.

In Norway, autonomous Volvo trucks are set to begin transporting limestone from a quarry to a nearby port.

Finally, Audi demonstrated a new dual-purpose flying car module at drone week in Amsterdam.


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