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  • 2018 Ford Escape

    In recent years, Ford Motor Company's plans for putting more plug-in electric cars on the road have been, shall we say, murky. GM has the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, sales of its Chevy Bolt EV 238-mile electric car have risen every month, and it plans a pair of all-electric SUVs by 2020—but Ford now offers just two vehicles that plug in. With Ford C-Max Energi production ended, its sole vehicles with plugs are the five-year-old Ford Fusion Energi and the even older Ford Focus Electric compliance car. DON'T MISS: Ford C-Max Energi plug-in production over; Hybrid has only months left...

  • 2015 Lincoln Navigator
    Next Lincoln Navigator Likely To Get Aluminum Body For MPG Gains

    The Ford F-150 pickup might be one of America's best-selling vehicles, but the move to build the 2015 model from aluminum has required significant investment from Ford. To ensure that investment is worth it, the company is likely to use aluminum in several other vehicles to spread the development...

  • 2012 Lincoln Navigator
    Big SUV, Small Engine: EcoBoost V-6 In 2012 Lincoln Navigator?

    We're beginning to sound like a broken record: One of the ways carmakers will meet new, tougher gas-mileage requirements will be to use smaller, more efficient engines in their vehicles. Those may be 1.0-liter three-cylinder engines in subcompacts, but they may also be more powerful V-6 engines...

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