Volvo announces the EX90 electric SUV. Tesla recalls more than a million vehicles. And should we tax the rich to pay for EV infrastructure? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Californians will get to vote later this year on a ballot measure that would increase taxes on those making over $2 million a year, directing that revenue toward charging infrastructure and EV-related incentives for low- and middle-income residents. While it appears to have public support, corporate interests are not all aligned as you might expect. 

Volvo revealed on Wednesday that its upcoming electric SUV, sized closely to the XC90 hybrid models, will be called EX90 and is set for a November 9 debut. Volvo claims the EX90 will be the safest vehicle from the brand yet, due in oart to its next-generation sensing and software.

And Tesla has issued a recall affecting more than a million vehicles, over power window systems that might not stop and reverse for objects—like fingers—that get in the way. Thanks to Tesla’s over-the-air updates, a fix is easy though.


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