Jeep rolls out its first three fully electric models. Rivian and Mercedes partner for electric vans. StoreDot sends its five-minute-charging battery tech out for testing. And Chevy confirms that the upcoming Equinox won’t be a niche model. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Chevrolet confirmed the $30,000 base price for its 2024 Chevy Equinox EV, a compact crossover due in fall 2023. That entry model, with a 250-mile estimated range, doesn’t include any incentives like the EV tax credit, and it will arrive within a year of initial deliveries. 

Jeep introduced three production-bound EVs, all due by 2025, this morning, including an Avenger compact SUV for Europe, a Wagoneer S luxury SUV, and a rugged Recon that shares a “brotherhood” with the Wrangler. 

Rivian and Mercedes aim to partner on electric vans for Europe, with hopes to reduce some of the costs. The product, with shared development, will be “bespoke large electric vans” for both brands. 

The battery technology firm StoreDot has started shipping its very fast-charging EV batteries to automakers for real-world testing. With the sample cells, automakers that have invested in StoreDot might help buoy the firm’s aims to put its design into mass production by 2024. It claims a charge rate of 100 miles in five minutes. 


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