Nissan hits a million EVs. Tesla is getting creative with sales in Connecticut. And GM is bringing back the Bolt EV—but it appears there’s a lot more backstory to it. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Did GM actually kill the Chevrolet Bolt EV? While the automaker has hinted multiple times that more affordable EVs are coming within a few years, this week’s announcement has a revamped Chevy Bolt EV returning on an accelerated timeline—exact timing, model year, and production location all TBA.

Nissan has sold more than a million EVs globally, it reported this week, since first delivering the Nissan Leaf in late 2010. That happens to be about exactly how many EVs Tesla has delivered so far in 2023. 

And in Connecticut, Tesla is skirting a direct-sales ban by locating its store in a zone where different rules apply—in a tribal-run casino. It’s one of many workarounds the automaker has resorted to in order to get its product out to buyers, including in its home state of Texas. 


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