Lucid teases more affordable versions of its Air being made. Buick offers buyouts to its dealers unconvinced of the EV shift. An ongoing California heat wave serves to emphasize the importance of time-of-use rates and smart EV charging in the future. And are heavy EVs a concern for everyone else? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Amid a continued California heat wave that spanned the entire Labor Day holiday weekend, guidance from the state’s grid operator continues to encourage those in the state—including EV drivers—to reduce their electricity use in the late afternoon and early evening hours. That said, we took a look at how helpful time-of-use rates will soon be more accessible to all thanks to a rule approved by the state’s utilities commission last month. 

Most fully electric vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds more than comparable gasoline models. With this sudden hike in the weight of vehicles, and American traffic deaths at a 16-year high, should we be concerned about road safety for anyone not in these heavier vehicles?

GM’s Buick brand will start offering buyouts to its roughly 2,000 U.S. dealers, in lieu of required upgrades as the brand starts its transition to a fully electric lineup. Although the automaker saw about a third of dealers take the deal for Cadillac, many Buick dealers are already configured to sell GMC trucks, too, and the buzz around the Hummer EV might keep more of these stores willing to upgrade. 

And on Friday we reported that Lucid Motors might be preparing to build its most affordable version of the Air electric luxury sedan for deliveries soon—perhaps because it more easily navigates supply-chain issues.The Lucid Air Pure is claimed to go farther than the longest-range Tesla Model S, on a smaller battery pack. And at a starting price of $88,900, for those not grandfathered in by earlier pricing, it still costs less than the Tesla.


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