The first electric Jeep was teased Tuesday, during a presentation by parent company Stellantis outlining the company's EV plans.

While it did release a couple of images, Stellantis didn't discuss details of the Jeep EV, which is scheduled to debut in 2023. The Jeep will be one of more than 25 EVs Stellantis plans to launch in the United States by 2030. The company ultimately plans to launch 75 EV models globally.

The electric Jeep's confirmation through North American channels at least all but confirms that the U.S. will get this upcoming compact electric Jeep. The brand has suggested that it will have a full lineup of EVs by 2025—if you think globally.

The Jeep will be followed by an electric version of the Ram ProMaster van, scheduled to launch later in 2023. An electric Ram 1500 pickup truck is scheduled for a 2024 launch. Stellantis first mentioned the electric Ram in its EV Day presentation last year, but also released new teaser images of the pickup Tuesday.

Teaser for Jeep EV due in 2023

Teaser for Jeep EV due in 2023

In that 2021 presentation, Stellantis said it was targeting performance goals such as a 500-mile range and 0-60 mph acceleration of 2.0 seconds from a group of dedicated EV platforms.

Stellantis expects global EV sales of more than five million units by 2030, with 100% EV passenger car sales in Europe and 50% EV passenger car and light-truck sales in the U.S. by that time.

The company also plans to apply hydrogen fuel-cell tech to commercial vehicles, starting with large vans in 2024 (2025 for the U.S.) and later expanding to heavy-duty trucks.

These are ambitious targets for a company whose CEO does not seem fully convinced of the merits of EVs.

Carlos Tavares recently griped that EVs cost Stellantis 50% more to make than internal-combustion vehicles, claiming that's not sustainable. He also previously called EVs the choice of politicians, not the auto industry.