Volvo plans enough local battery production for its home plant to go electric. Airstream reveals more about how it sees travel trailers going electric—and boosting mpg and range. And Ford intends to take more closely after Tesla on improvement steps for its EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Ford CEO Jim Farley said last week that the company is planning to “reengineer” its Mustang Mach-E incrementally, to tap into improvements and profit opportunities sooner—reflecting that he’s ready to apply the same running-changes approach that Tesla has practiced with its vehicles. As Farley argued in a financial call last week, Ford can then take that knowledge back to its other EVs sooner. 

Airstream revealed more about its eStream electric travel trailer concept that could boost EV range or mpg for the tow vehicle, add traction and stability, and even park itself in a camping or charging space. Built on technology co-developed with ZF, the eStream is a concept for now, but it could upgrade the whole RV experience within a few years. 

And Volvo and the Swedish battery firm Northvolt on Friday announced plans for a battery plant near Volvo’s headquarters and flagship factory, aiming to produce enough cells for up to 500,000 EVs annually. The joint venture has already brought on a Tesla executive formerly heading up Giga Berlin to lead the effort. 


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