California is asking President Biden for a date for ICE vehicles to be phased out. Soon we’ll have more Ford electric-van upfit possibilities. The Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrid is EPA-rated and coming soon. And could the Detroit automakers’ manufacturing base become a strength as electric pickups ramp up? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

California’s two Senators have reportedly urged President Biden to set a retirement date for internal-combustion car sales. The letter was sent as the Biden administration is soon expected to announce a plan for tightening fuel economy and emissions rules above Trump administration levels and restoring the state’s clean car standards.

Lightning eMotors is tapping into Proterra batteries for its Ford Transit–based commercial electric vans. Although there’s a Ford E-Transit lineup of vans on the way, those are light-duty models; the heavier-duty vans that Lightning is preparing could be good solutions for shuttle buses, ambulances, or possible RV conversions. 

Pickup trucks, and all the manufacturing expertise that goes with them, have long been a profit center for the Detroit automakers. Will they be able to use all their factory capacity, supplier relationships, and labor base to turn that into a market strength as the industry pivots to electric trucks

The 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring—that’s the plug-in hybrid version—has been a long time coming. But with this PHEV finally due at dealerships later this spring, it’s been given EPA ratings of 28 electric miles on a charge and 33 mpg as a hybrid. That could make it a formidable alternative to PHEV versions of the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Volvo XC60—although maybe not the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

And over at Motor Authority: Aston Martin is going electric or electrified in the future, but it says it’s leaving room for special gas-only versions for racetrack use only. 





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