Falcon-wing doors and an aircraft-style yoke could be offered on the same vehicle, if Tesla wasn’t just trolling us all last week with its Model X and Model S interior. We dive into the somewhat endearing impossibilities of the very big Atlis Motor Vehicles vision. And Washington State wants to ban gasoline even sooner than California. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Washington State is potentially considering a bill that’s potentially more ambitious than California’s plan to go all-electric by 2035. It calls for making all new cars and trucks electric by 2030. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles would still be allowed, but gas and diesel would be limited to emergency vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. 

We take a look at the specs of the revamped 2021 Tesla Model X, which will be arriving as soon as April—including a tri-motor Plaid version new to the lineup, and a dramatically revamped cabin and touchscreen interface—and ponder whether its aircraft-style yoke will actually replace the steering wheel 

Atlis Motors is one of several companies working on a fully electric pickup truck, but it stands out for making some especially grand claims. Will it be able to roll out its XT electric truck, a platform, proprietary battery cells, and a megawatt charging network with crowdfunding? We interviewed its CEO and found a nuanced story that may soon involve some business-plan triage.

And over at Motor Authority: The shift to electric is reviving some storied brands, sometimes in the most peculiar ways. Latvian Dartz has teamed up with a Chinese automaker to revive Freze, a historic Russian brand, as an EV company. A boxy little city car with a claimed 120-mile range is the first product.


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