Nissan looks at reducing its manufacturing footprint, and Jaguar Land Rover aims at freeing up more space and weight for an EV range boost. A niche EV company teases its skateboard platform with a Porsche 356 tribute. And a product that’s most definitely not for the masses applies VW’s platform for affordable EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Volkswagen has been looking for other companies to use its MEB platform for affordable electric cars, which it quips is for millionis, not millionaires. Although apparently for a contrast, they showed an MEB-powered electric catamaran that is most definitely for millionaires.  

Nissan is applying a “closed-loop” recycling system for aluminum, starting with its Rogue crossover and offering a 90% energy reduction versus raw materials. It’s similar to a program Audi has for its E-Tron GT and other vehicles, and Ford for its F-150. 

A new niche electric sports car inspired by the classic 1950s Porsche 356a will be the first model built on a flexible skateboard platform for EVs from UK-based Watt Electric Vehicle Company.

Jaguar Land Rover has said that it aims to boost the range of its future electric vehicles with more carbon fiber and composites. It says the weight and space reduction will allow for more battery, and thus increased range. 


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